Our Services

Real Estate Management

As real estate managers we oversee the operational aspects of commercial and residential properties and are responsible for maintaining the premises and increasing their value. Our job duties associated with our larger properties can include training and supervising staff members and groundskeepers.  Additional activities can include making mortgage, tax and insurance payments, as well as other bookkeeping activities. 

Commercial and Residential Development

Our bread and butter is developing  commercial development, especially Multi-Family Projects as well as high-scale and mid-range residential developments. 

Turn Key Operation

From concept and design we are able to obtaining the proper permits in order to develop the property and successfully obtain the C of O. Once the building is complete we are able to secure a tenant and manage the property.


One Third Ave, Mineola

One Third Ave, is a Luxury apartment building in the heart of Long Island with an easy commute into Manhattan. By code this lot was allowed to build only 80,000 square feet build-able. Mr. Yeroush got the town to approve 480,000 square feet buildable. 

JJJ Properties NJ, LLC

JJJ Properties NJ is a  multi-family dwelling project with Housing and Urban Development (HUD) . We have been owning and  managing this project since 2007.

19 Steven Lane Corp.

19 Steven Lane Corp. is an up-scale residential project. This is one of the most exclusive and up-scale homes in the affluent town of Kings Point. It has one of the highest smart home features and technologies. 

Solar Windmills - Salerno, Italy

Mr. Yeroush and his partner Mr. Anthony D'Chiutis designed and is in the process of developing 21 hectar of land in the mountain tops of Salerno, Italy with solar panels and solar windmills. This project will be the largest electricity generator in that region of Italy.

Diamond Mine - Angola, Africa

Currently, there is a Joint Venture Agreement with our UN Partner to mine the rough diamonds from the land and the water. This project can potentially produce minimum $100 mil in revenue per year.

North Shore Hebrew Academy

 Mr. Yeroushalmi, had tremendously expanded the North Shore Hebrew Academy Elementary School. Most notably he built the gymnasium and the cafeteria. 

JFJ Realty Corp.

JFJ Realty is a commercial real estate development that serves has the head quarters of A1 Universal. We have been established here for over 30 Years.

US Merchant Marine Academy

Mr. Yeroushalmi has built several buildings for the US Merchant marine Academy which have upheld till today. Most notebly he's built the Waterfront Center, Library, and Chill and Hot Water Building.

Bethpage Library

Bethpage Library was one of Mr. Yeroushalmi's notable projects. 

South Hampton Elementary School

South Hampton Elementary School was built by Mr. Moussa Yeroushalmi. It is still one of the most well established school in the Hampton's.

Past Projects

 Mr. Yeroush has developed over 400 buildings over the course of his career. Some of his notable developments are: North Shore Hebrew Academy Elementary School, Standard Nuclear Power Plant, Bergen Patterson Power Plant, Ebasco Power Plant, Bechtel, Stone and Webster, Queens Community College, Bethpage Library, South Hampton Elementary School, Middle School High School, Hewlett Woodmere Elementary, Middle School and High School, US Merchant Marine Water Front, Library and Chill and Hot Water building, Cedar Creak Water Pollution Plan, Great Neck Estate Building Department, Great Neck Center, etc.